> High precision measurement

> Stable measurement data readout

> Integrated data logger

> Universal probe with a broad measuring range

> Functional design of device and software



> Wall thickness measurement especially of pipes with small diameters

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> The light and compact ultrasonic wall thickness gage SONOWALL 50 enables the precise measurement of the wall thickness of components made of metal, glass, ceramics and plastics.

> This efficient device allows the measurement of materials with both flat and curved surfaces.

> The wall thickness gauge enables detection of wear and corrosion, for example, on ships, storage tanks, pipelines and cranes etc.

> The SONOSCAN probe SW 5-22 for the SONOWALL 50 has been specifically designed for the measurement of wall thicknesses of pipes with small diameters. 



SONOSCAN Wall Thickness Probes

For Flexible Application in the Measuring of Wall Thickness


Application Wall thickness measurement gage 
Measuring range 0,8 - 400 mm steel (dependent on probe type) 
Sound velocity range 1.000 - 10.000 m/s 
Probe frequencies 2 MHz, 5 MHz, special probes for pipes with small diameters (5 MHz), others upon request 
Measurement resolution 0,01 mm (0,0001 inch) 
Operating temperature -10 °C bis 50 °C 
Storage temperature -20 °C bis 10 °C 
Display: Illuminated display (128 x 64 Pixel) 
Test block Stainless steel (9 mm), integrated in housing 
Connectors USB port for data logger, double Lemo 00 for probes 
Operating time 40 hours 
Data loggers Max. 10.000 readings 
Dimensions: L x W x H 128 x 80 x 28 mm 
Protection class Device: IP65, probe: IP67 
Weight 260 g 
Software For a convenient evaluation of the measurements 

> Sonoscan Standard Probe SW 5-21



> Transportation and storage case