UV Lamps

For over 30 years, the ZB-100 series UV lamp has been an industry standard UV source for both magnetic particle and fluorescent penetrant inspection. However, changes in the regulations governing mercury bulbs are now forcing a change away from the use of the mercury vapour bulb used in the ZB-100F.

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> The lamps were primarily used for public and residential lighting.

> Only ca. 20% of the lamp output consisted of UV(A) at 365 nm – hence the need for a UV(A) filter to remove both the white light components and also harmful UV(B) and UV(C

> A significant amount of energy was wasted as heat.

> The lamp required a ballast to regulate the voltage/current supplied to the lamp during start up and operation

> The UV output dropped with continued use.

> There were issues with disposal of the bulbs on account of the mercury content