Test Blocks

These test pieces for magnetic particle inspection will help you maintain your mag particle process by verifying magnetic particle performance. Use to check for mag particle deterioration, to compare different magnetic powders, to verify sensitivity or visibility or to assure field direction and strength.

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Steel TestRing Block

Steel Ring Test Block provides a fast, reliable performance test for circular magnetism.  Successively deeper drilled holes simulate sub surface discontinuities, which are revealed by surface indications at various magnetizing current levels.  This Steel Ring Test Block meets the requirements of ASTM-E-1444, AS5282, and P&W.


MTU Test Block

 The Reference Block Type 1 according to EN ISO 9934-2 (former description “MTU test block”) is used for checking and supervision of the indication sensitivity of magnetic particle crack detection agents. The surface of the residu-ally magnetized reference block contains a network of coarse and fine cracks. After immersion into or spraying with the testing ink, the crack indication is controlled and assessed. The pictures show the crack indications on a Reference Block Type 1 obtained from a yellow-green or red-orange fluorescent and from a black indication medium
together with white background paint. The indication sensitivity of different mixtures or charges can be assessed by comparison of the indications obtained from the same reference block.




Berthold gauge

  For the efficient control of magnetization, penetration depth, quality of fluorescent suspension and magnetic field direction in magnetic particle testing.



ASME Pie Gauge

 The magnetic particle Pie Gauge is used as an aid in determining the direction of magnetic fields for detection of discontinuities in ferrous metals.




 All PT Test Block

 Use this test block to check the strength of in-use penetrants, by processing one half of the block with used penetrant, and the other half with fresh penetrant.

76 x 51 x 9.5 mm with a 3.2 mm wide groove that divides the face of the block in half.

Complies with ASTM E165 and ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code.





Field indicator

 Rugged, pocket-size meters used to indicate residual magnetism remaining in part after magnetization. Inexpensive, disposable, non certified field indicator.