Film Degitizing

(a 3D Systems Company) is introducing a more cost effective alternative to digitize/scan film with its NDT PRO Industrial Film Digitizer, specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of the non-destructive test market. It addresses the unique needs of aerospace, petrochemical and other industrial testing with a lower-cost alternative to the expensive laser scanners currently used throughout the industry.

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>  HD-CCD solid-state technology

>  Removable/field replaceable LED long-life light source

>  Digitizes up to 25 mixed-sized films in batch mode, allowing more productivity and greater efficiency

>  Requires no biannual calibration, cleaning, or maintenance saving substantial dollars annually


Optical Density Range 0.5 to 4.0,standard scan mode, based on ISO 14096 
Bit Depth 8, 12 & 16 bit grayscale output 
MTBF ≤ 50,000 hours 
Film Sizes width: 2.36" to 14" Length: 8" to 51" specialty film sizes quoted are in single-sheet mode. Auto feed supports 8" x 10" up to 14" x 17" sizes 
Auto Film Feeder standard 25-film capacity (mixed sized-no presorting necessary) "light Box" loading: head-up, normal reading, left justified 
Translation Tables Linear OD 
Geometric Accuracy Better than 1% or 2 pixels, whichever is greater, in both axes 
Scan Rate 92 lines/second 
Hardware Interface USB 2.0 
Software Windows scanning modules and software development tools available 
Power Requirements voltage: 85 ~ 264 Vac Frequency: 47 ~ 63 Hz Power: ≤ 100 Watts 
Operating Environment 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C), 20% to 85% relative humidity,non-condensing 
Storage Envirinment 0° to 140° F (-18° to 60° C), 20% to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing 
Illuminator LED Illuminator 
Detector Solid-state, next-generation High Definition CCD (HD-CCD) 
Weight 45 lbs. (21kg), shipping weight: 60 lbs