Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Probes

The high performing probes of the SONOSCAN CF series have been designed for couplant-free material testing. Due to their stainless steel housing the probes are extremely rugged and maintenance free. Currently the portfolio comprises frequencies from 50 to 400 kHz. In addition to these standard specifications customized probes with the following features can be realized as well:

> Outstanding acoustic characteristics

> Your technical requirements

> Reasonable price performance ratio



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Probes from the Ultrasound Specialitst


>25 years of experience in R&D and production of ultrasonic probes

>In-house piezo composite manufacturing

>Air-coupled probes within the frequency range of 50 to 400 kHz, focusing and non-focusing as well as multi-element probes


High resolution due to the use of focused probes:



Detection of drill holes with an unfocused probe (top) compared to a focused probe (bottom).

Frequency range 50 kHz to 400 kHz 
Relative sensitivity Up to -30 dB 
Resolution: Up to 2 mm 
Focusing Permanent with shaped lens or electronically adaptable due to 3-channel Fresnel zone design