Elcometer 270 Pinhole Detector

The Elcometer 270 range utilises the wet sponge technique and has been designed to set a new standard for wet sponge pinhole detectors - a high quality, low voltage detector with similar accessories to a high voltage spark tester.

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> Supplied ready to use

> Automatic sensitivity calibration and voltage checks

> Low battery indicator

> Visual and audible alarms

> Integral and separate wand functionality

> A wide range of fully interchangeable wand accessories

> Easy release snag proof cables

> Large standard sponge

> An inspection kit for all your requirements is available.

Voltage 9V, 67.5V and 90V 
Measurement range 500µm (20mils) 
Sensitivity 9V: 90kΩ ±5% 67.5V: 125kΩ ±5% 90V: 400kΩ ±5% 
Battery Life (continuous use) 9V: up to 200 hours 67.5V: up to 100 hours 90V: up to 80 hours 
Battery Type 3 x AA (LR1600) 1.5V alkaline (NiMH rechargeable batteries can also be used, battery life will be reduced by up to 75%) 
Accuracy: ±5% 
Dimensions Without Wand: 210 x 42 x 37mm (8.3 x 1.7 x 1.5”) / Standard Wand: 175mm (6.9”) long (including sponge) / Flat Sponge: 175mm (6.9”) long (including sponge) 
Weight 610g (21oz) including wand, cable and batteries 
STANDARDS AS 3894.2, ASTM D 5162-A, ASTM G6, ASTM G62-A, BS 7793-2, ISO 8289-A, ISO 14654, JIS K 6766, NACE RP 0188, NACE SP 0188, NACE TM0384