SONOTEC was founded in the beginning of 1991 by the physicists Dr. Santer zur Horst-Meyer and Hans-Joachim Münch and has been owner-managed since then. With currently more than 150 employees, today we are a growing technology company established on the market as a provider of specific solutions using ultrasonic measurement technologies. We produce our entire range of self-developed ultrasonic technologies in our own workshops and laboratories, including established solutions in the fields of:


>  medical technologies

> bioprocessing technologies

> the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

> the petroleum and natural gas industries, pipeline technologies

> mechanical and plant engineering

> automation technology

> non-destructive testing


Together with you, our client, we initially analyse your exact measurement and metering requirements. This enables us to develop optimised ultrasonic solutions to suit your precise needs. We produce high-precision and high-quality equipment at fair prices. We are able to achieve this because of: 


> our highly-qualified employees in research & development, production, distribution

> our innovative products

> our customer-oriented working methods


In order to investigate and put into practice new methods for technological advancement in the field of measurement technologies, we are committed to the NetUs-network for ultrasonic devices manufacturers.