ECHOGRAPH 1095 – High-tech meets comfort: Ultrasonic Testing made simple
Besides the proven qualities of its predecessor model the new ultrasonic fl aw detector ECHOGRAPH 1095
features time corrected gain and backwall echo attenuation. It is the ideal instrument for manual ultrasonic
testing: digital, high-contrast and comfortable in practical applications. It is reliable and sturdy and thus
can be used outdoors or in rough industry environment.

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The ECHOGRAPH 1095 ...

is lightweight (only 2 kg) and easy to handle

is equipped with a very large and high-contrast TFT colour display (7” diagonal, resolution 800 x 480 pix) with automatic brightness control and a large viewing angle

supports the operator during probe handling and instrument adjustment (DGS, DAC, TCG, AWS, JIS, ...)

enables to show reference echoes and to record echo dynamics

enables simple freezing and storaging of A-scans

permits selection of the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) from 10 Hz up to 5000 Hz: low PRF to avoid ghost echoes, and high PRF for high testing speed in case of automated testing

saves all data, e.g. screenshots as BMP files or series of measurements as CSV files, on a removable 8 GB industrial SD flash card